Crash! BANG! Ouch! Why You Should Get Worker's Comp After A Work Accident

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When you drive a truck (any sort of truck) for work, you expect that there may be a work accident along the way. You hope there never is, and you strive to be safe, but that does not stop other drivers on the road from hitting you. When you finally are in an accident with your work vehicle, you are entitled to worker's compensation. Here is why.

It IS a Work-Related Injury

Regardless of what anyone tells you, a truck accident while on the job IS a work-related injury. If you feel any sort of pain immediately following the accident, or the following day, you should see a doctor right away. The visit with your doctor establishes that you did have some sort of injury. This is important because your workers compensation attorney cannot adequately defend your claim for benefits if you never visited a doctor after the accident.

Your Boss's Insurance Will Not Cover It

Your boss has insurance on all of the vehicles, but there is a very good chance that his/her insurance on the work vehicles does not cover your injuries in the accident. It typically only covers the injuries caused to other drivers, but since you were the one hit, it will not cover you. There is also the expectation that your health insurance will cover you. Maybe that is true, but you are still entitled to worker's compensation, and you have a right to file a claim for benefits.

The Extent of Your Injuries Leaves You with Extra Medical Expenses

While it is rare to drive a fleet truck and be hit hard enough to cause long-lasting and serious injuries, it is not impossible. If your injuries are so severe that your medical bills are not covered completely, your worker's compensation benefits can, and do, cover a lot of what is left. If you file a claim and are denied, your lawyer can help you get your benefits.

If you have not filed a claim, your lawyer can walk you through the process to make sure your claim is accepted. Your lawyer can also stop the bill collectors from calling you while you work out your worker's compensation case. Once you start receiving your benefits, you can finally pay those medical bills. 

Do Not Allow Others to Divert Your Filing

Some companies work hard to avoid filing and paying out worker's compensation. Hopefully, this does not apply to your situation. If you experience any push back from your boss or your company, do all you can to prevent others from diverting you away from filing.


1 February 2018