Being Wrongfully Denied Workers Compensation Benefits

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Workers compensation benefits are handy when you have to take time off from work for an injury to heal. However, obtaining the benefits isn't always an easy task to accomplish, such as when your employer has a personal vendetta against you. If you are having a difficult time getting workers compensation benefits, you don't have to accept your employer denying you of them. There are laws in place that you can use to obtain the benefits while you are healing.

7 June 2017

3 Telltale Signs Worker's Comp Is Not Going To Agree To Pay For Your Injuries

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As the typical employee, you will be injured on the job at some point in your adult working life. While many work accidents are filed and covered without a hassle from worker's compensation insurance, there are probably just as many cases in which the insurance company rebuts against the whole idea. If you find yourself in this situation when you know your injuries should be covered, it is best to talk to an attorney like Oxner + Permar, LLC right away.

3 June 2017

4 Things To Know About The Deposition Process For A Personal Injury Lawsuit As A Witness

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If you are being called on as a witness to give a deposition for a personal injury lawsuit, it helps to familiarize yourself with the process before you go in for the deposition. This will help you understand what is happening and what your role is in the overall proceedings. #1 Court Report The first thing that you need to know is that a court reporter will be there. The role of the court reporter is to record everything that is said at the deposition, which is why is is important to speak clearly and not speak over anyone during the deposition.

29 May 2017

Dealing With Custody Issues? 4 Steps To Avoid Parental Alienation

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If you're in the process of a divorce, and you have children, you want what's best for them. That's why the custody arrangements are so important. Unless the other parent is abusive – or there are other extenuating circumstances that will interfere with their ability to properly care for your children, you want them to continue having a loving and close relationship after the divorce. That's why it's so important that you avoid doing anything that might be considered parental alienation – which occurs when one parent attempts to undermine the relationship between the children and the other parent.

20 May 2017

Helpful Information About Opening A Liquor Store

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Liquor is the type of beverage that is always in a high demand. If you want to use the demand of liquor as a way to make money, you can consider opening your own liquor store. Just keep in mind that there are usually laws in place in regards to selling liquor, and the laws can vary from state to state. You must also be cautious about who the liquor is sold to, as accidentally selling it to a minor can lead to you losing your license and possible time in jail.

16 May 2017

Tips For Preventing A Hostile Work Environment In Your Business

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In recent years, more employees have been claiming a hostile work environment when leaving a job or after being terminated. Despite how common a phrase this has become, many people don't understand what can really lead to a hostile workplace. Unlike workplace bullying, there isn't a single clear definition that constitutes such a thing. As a business owner, it's important that you understand where the vulnerabilities could be within your business that could lead to such a claim.

9 May 2017

3 Things To Know About Filing A Patent

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When you have an idea in mind that you want to protect from a legal standpoint, a patent might be just what you are looking for. In this regard, you will want to do everything possible to find the help and service of a patent attorney, while also understanding the process of getting a legally binding patent. With this in mind, consider these tips below and use them in order to safeguard your brilliant idea with the help of a patent attorney who can help you out.

6 May 2017

2 Debts That Can Reduce or Completely Devour Your Tax Refund

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It can be exciting learning you'll be getting a tax refund. However, that excitement may be short-lived if you owe certain debts, since the state and federal government can deduct what you owe from your refund. If you owe money in any of the following categories, be prepare to have a chunk (or all) of your refund taken and what you can do to possibly avoid this outcome. Government Fines and Fees

5 May 2017

Did You Doctor Dismiss Your Medical Concerns Because You Are Female? What You Can Do

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One of the many challenges facing women in the world is the problem of not always being taken seriously when they express worry or concern. If you have recently had an experience with a medical professional in which your concerns about your health were dismissed, you may feel that if you were a man, you would have been taken more seriously. And if your health continued to suffer because of this initial dismissal, you may wonder what you can do about your experience.

1 May 2017

5 Things To Do If You Think You Have Gotten Food Poisoning On A Cruise Ship

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Getting sick on a cruise ship can make you feel miserable, and most importantly, it can ruin your vacation. If you simply come down with a cold, there's not much you can do about that — it's just a case of bad luck. However, if you believe that your sickness was a result of food poisoning, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the cruise ship. Cruise ship accident attorneys not only help people who have been seriously injured on a cruise ship, but they also help people who have been affected by other issues including, in some cases, food poisoning.

1 May 2017