Do You Need An Attorney For Your Trust?

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A trust is a legal entity to which you transfer your assets when you are alive. After your death, the trust administers the property to your beneficiaries. You can create a trust independently, but some circumstances require you to work with a trust attorney. Below are situations where a trust attorney is paramount for a smooth process. You'll Skip Generations in Your Trust If you want to give property to your grandchildren or to relatives who are at least 37.

15 April 2022

Types Of Medication Errors In Nursing Homes

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Nursing home injuries or abuses are not always about physical accidents. Abuse comes in different forms with different consequences. For example, medication errors can harm residents on medication. Below are a few examples of such medication errors. Wrong Medication A nursing home resident can get the wrong medication in multiple ways. For example, drug mix-ups can occur if multiple residents are on medication. The wrong medication is dangerous at different levels.

11 March 2022

How To Prove Wrongful Death: A Brief Guide

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A wrongful death claim hinges on the legal principle that family members can sue for the demise of their loved one. Such claims remain valid if the cause of death could have been prevented had the wrongful party been more mindful of the victim's welfare. Find out more on how to prove the validity of your wrongful death claim in this guide. Determine if You Qualify as a Claimant Generally, the personal representative of the decedent's estate can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit.

31 January 2022