Struck by a Sleeping Truck Driver? What Are Your Legal Options?

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Being involved in an injury-causing car crash can be a life-changing experience, even if the injuries you've suffered aren't likely to leave any long-lasting damage. If you've spent time in the hospital or have been forced to take a leave of absence from your job after an auto accident, you may be incensed upon learning that the truck driver who struck you had fallen asleep at the wheel after spending a dozen or more hours on the road within a single day.

3 July 2017

Tips For Preventing A Hostile Work Environment In Your Business

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In recent years, more employees have been claiming a hostile work environment when leaving a job or after being terminated. Despite how common a phrase this has become, many people don't understand what can really lead to a hostile workplace. Unlike workplace bullying, there isn't a single clear definition that constitutes such a thing. As a business owner, it's important that you understand where the vulnerabilities could be within your business that could lead to such a claim.

9 May 2017

2 Debts That Can Reduce or Completely Devour Your Tax Refund

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It can be exciting learning you'll be getting a tax refund. However, that excitement may be short-lived if you owe certain debts, since the state and federal government can deduct what you owe from your refund. If you owe money in any of the following categories, be prepare to have a chunk (or all) of your refund taken and what you can do to possibly avoid this outcome. Government Fines and Fees

5 May 2017

5 Things To Do If You Think You Have Gotten Food Poisoning On A Cruise Ship

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Getting sick on a cruise ship can make you feel miserable, and most importantly, it can ruin your vacation. If you simply come down with a cold, there's not much you can do about that — it's just a case of bad luck. However, if you believe that your sickness was a result of food poisoning, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the cruise ship. Cruise ship accident attorneys not only help people who have been seriously injured on a cruise ship, but they also help people who have been affected by other issues including, in some cases, food poisoning.

1 May 2017