Living With Someone? Make Sure You Know The Law Before You Move Out

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Unfortunately, living with family or friends doesn't always turn out pleasantly. Some people move in with someone else as a way to save money or simply because they enjoy their company; however, whether it's someone who doesn't clean up after themselves or fails to pay their portion of the rent, situations can arise that make you no longer want to be in that particular living arrangement. Unfortunately, moving on isn't always as simple as packing up your belongings and moving out.

27 October 2015

Four Ways That You Can Help Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you are headed to criminal court, helping your criminal defense lawyer represent your case is important. While attorneys can do a lot to help your case, it is vital that you are part of the process as well. Here are four things that you can do to help your criminal lawyer garner the outcome in court that you are hoping for.   1. Disclose Secrets from Your Past Don't withhold information from your attorney.

2 September 2015

3 Key Considerations Of Your Dog Bite Claim

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Being attacked by a dog can be scary, frustrating and downright annoying. While no one expects to have a dog come out of nowhere and attack them, it can happen at any point in time, regardless of where you might be. Dealing with a dog bite claim can take a lot of time and patience. You want to make sure you do everything you are supposed to in order to prevent any delays or losses in your settlement.

6 August 2015

Why It Is Smart to Have an Estate Plan in Place for Your Future

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Do you ever wonder how you will manage your affairs if you suddenly become incompetent? The best way to have peace of mind is to make sure that you draft an estate plan with a lawyer while you are healthy. Find out below why investing in an estate plan is a smart idea, as well as what a lawyer is likely to charge for drafting it up for you. What Makes an Estate Plan Ideal in Preparation for the Future?

13 July 2015

4 Ways A DUI Can Ruin Your Life

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Turning 21 represents a milestone in a person's life. At this age, a certain level of freedom but responsibility is granted to citizens. At the same time, there are decisions that are made that can affect the rest of your life. Whether it is a positive or negative effect is ultimately up to you. While drinking can help you have a good time, drinking responsibly is important at all times. Below, find four ways that a DUI, drinking under the influence, can ruin your life.

18 June 2015

Headed For Foreclosure? Try These Alternatives First

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If you are at risk of having your house foreclosed because of financial difficulty, take a moment to consider your alternatives. Here are some different options you should consider before you face foreclosure. Have Your Mortgage Modified If the reason your home is being foreclosed is because your mortgage payments are too high, you should first contact the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). They have programs that help to lower your mortgage payment if you qualify based on your family size, income, and the current cost of your mortgage.

3 June 2015

Top Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

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Going through a divorce can be a very trying time for many people. Some might feel as though they just want to sign whatever papers they are presented with so that they can be done with it. However, you might not want to do that. Take a moment to review the following ways a divorce lawyer can help you. You Can Learn Your Rights The last thing you want to do is to assume that your rights are limited based on what you have heard from other people or what you might have heard on the television.

11 May 2015

What Are The Requirements To Become A Court Bailiff?

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In a court hearing, most people consider the judge, the jury and the attorneys very important people who are involved in the case. While this is true, the court bailiff also has an important role in a courtroom. Without the help of a bailiff, court sessions might not be as safe and could also be more time consuming. The training required to become a court bailiff may vary some in different areas, but all court bailiffs must have the proper knowledge to hold their positions.

14 April 2015

Social Slip-Ups: Think About Your Injury Case Before You Post That Status Update

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When you're pursuing a personal injury case, it's important to be prepared for as much defense as offense in terms of presenting your case and negotiating. Many times, insurance companies will turn to social media as part of their investigative process when trying to decide whether or not to pay your claim. As a result, it's important that you understand how to handle your social media accounts in the wake of an injury, and what they're likely to be looking for.

2 April 2015

Credit Consolidation Can Help Your Small Business

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Canada has always been a safe haven for small businesses. That being said, owning a small business requires a lot of money, and this leaves many local vendors with a great deal of start-up debt. If you are a small business owner that would like to be free of this burden, then credit consolidation would be a good service for you to look into. Credit consolidation is perfect for getting rid of business-related debt, as it will make your monthly finances easier to manage and allow you to handle the work on your own.

12 March 2015