Why Kids Do Not Make Custody Decisions

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Some parents may feel that a child should be left to live with their preferred parent after divorce. Courts disagree, however, and there are good reasons for the disagreement. Below are some of the wrong reasons a child might prefer one child over another. Parental Needs One of the dangers of relying on kids to make custody decisions is that kids might put the needs of children above their needs. For example, a child may see that one parent is lonely, more stricken with the divorce, or needs help with household chores, and opt to live with that parent.

8 November 2019

How A Lawyer Will Fight Your Drug Possession Charges

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Have you been arrested for drug possession and are you planning to fight it in court? If so, you'll need a drug possession lawyer on your side to help fight those charges so that they are dropped. Here are some ways that a lawyer can help prove that you are not guilty.  Questioning The Offender's Identity  One main aspect of any criminal case is the responsibility of the prosecutors to prove that the defendant is the person that committed the crime.

10 October 2019

How To Know If You Have A Personal Injury Case Or Not

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There are times when people get injured and are not sure whether to pursue personal injury cases or not. If you are facing this decision and are not sure what to do, here are several questions to consider, as the answers to these questions can help you determine how to proceed. Was there an injury? One of the most important elements of all personal injury cases is an injury. If there is no injury involved with the incident, you most likely will not be able to proceed with a personal injury case.

12 September 2019

3 Factors To Understand About A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Losing a loved one is difficult, but the death of someone you love can be even harder if it could have been prevented. If the person you loved died as a result of someone else's neglect, you may be able to sue the person responsible for this death. If you are in this position, here are three things you should know before you file a case of wrongful death. The death must be a result of intention or neglect

5 August 2019

Is It Possible To Recover Punitive Damages From A Car Accident Case?

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In a typical car accident settlement, the victim will receive compensation for the damages he or she experienced to his or her car, medical bills for injuries, and loss of income. There are times, though, when a person is able to recover punitive damages from a car accident settlement; however, this is not overly common. The definition of punitive damages Punitive damages are awarded in many different types of personal injury lawsuits and cases, and they refer to money a person receives on top of the regular settlement amount.

3 July 2019

Be Like Birds: Find Out About Bird's Nest Child Custody

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Staying together "for the children" is a common refrain among the unhappily married. With this new type of custody arrangement, however, parents can feel like they are providing their children with security even while divorcing. Just like bird parents that take turns caring for their young, bird's nest parenting puts a new spin on custody with some unique living arrangements. Read on to find out more about nesting, or bird's nest child custody arrangements.

28 May 2019

Exploring The Sole Custody Choice

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Most divorcing parents want to do what's right for their child when it comes to custody and visitation decisions. Naturally, parents who are unable to stay married might have trouble agreeing on other issues as well. The issues that concern minor-aged children are of primary concern to the family court system, so if an agreement by the parents is not possible, the judge will make decisions in their stead. Child custody choices abound, so read on to find out more about one common choice: sole custody.

26 April 2019