Workers' Comp Claims: Hurdles That Might Be Challenging To Navigate Without Legal Help

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Employees who suffer bodily harm at work shouldn't have to worry about how to foot their medical bills. This is because their employer's insurer is required to cover these medical expenses. Insurance also provides coverage for lost wages until they recover fully. Ideally, you can file for these benefits and get the payments you deserve even without working with an attorney. However, the process may become complex if you face the hurdles discussed below. If this happens, a legal advisor can help you navigate the obstacles, as this article explains.

You Don't Have Witnesses to Support Your Case

There are several requirements you have to meet when applying for benefits after suffering injuries at work. For instance, you must prove that you suffered harm while performing your job correctly. If you can't prove this, your employer might argue that the accident happened because of your carelessness. This argument can make you fail to get benefits, especially if you have no witnesses to support your claim. Therefore, consider hiring a legal advisor to investigate your accident and gather evidence to prove that you deserve to get payments for your losses. They will likely get expert witnesses to examine you and write a report indicating that your injuries are related to your job. Your attorney can then use this report to hold your employer accountable for your losses.

There Are Inconsistencies in Your Accident Report and Medical Records

If you get injured while working, your boss will ask you to fill out an accident report. This document should provide essential details, including how and where the incident happened and what injuries you suffered. Afterward, your boss will ask you to get a medical examination from the company doctor or their preferred facility. Unfortunately, your employer might instruct the physician to omit some information from your medical report. They may do so to insinuate that you did not suffer severe injuries, as you had indicated in your accident report.

In case there are inconsistent details in your medical and accident reports, your application might not go through. As such, you may want to hire an attorney to help you get your deserved payment. They will order a medical checkup from an independent doctor to ensure that you get a report with the right diagnosis of your condition. Your legal advisor is then able to use the evidence to enable you to get a favorable payment to cover your losses.

If you face hurdles when applying for workers' comp payments, hire a legal adviser to help you out. A workers' comp lawyer will take all the necessary steps to help ensure you get your rightful payments.

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2 November 2022