3 Landmark Supreme Court Decisions That Significantly Affected Criminal Law

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Many Supreme Court decisions have dramatically affected criminal law, often forcing prosecutors to overcome additional obstacles to prosecute a defendant or avoid a case being reversed on appeal. There are three landmark cases that have offered some level of protection to defendants. Strickland v. Washington The Strickland test was based on the ruling in Strickland v. Washington, which is a two-pronged test to determine ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) claims during appeals.

15 January 2021

Observing The Injuries Of A Family Member Can Leave You Entitled To Compensation

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When your loved one is injured, you might assume that they are the only one who is entitled to compensation for their injuries. However, if you have observed your family member becoming injured, and live in certain states, you may also be entitled to compensation, as long as you have a close relationship with that individual. Then, you may be entitled to compensation for emotional distress, even if you aren't injured.

15 December 2020

Using Corporate Law Services To Assist Your Business

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There are few responsibilities that are more important for a business than ensuring that all of its legal obligations are being met. Unfortunately, businesses can have highly specialized legal needs that the owners or managers may not fully understand. Luckily, a corporate lawyer will be able to help in the following ways. Assisting With Complying With Required Public Filings Many corporations will have an obligation to make public filings. These filings can be required in order for the corporate charter to remain valid, and they may be a legal obligation for businesses that are traded on public exchanges.

16 November 2020

What's Covered By Real Estate Legal Services?

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When people think about a law firm that handles real estate issues, they probably imagine work that largely involves sales and transfers. Those are certainly big parts of real estate legal services, but they're far from the entirety of what an attorney can do for you. Here are four more things you can discuss at a real estate law firm. Property Line Disputes The boundaries for all properties in the U.

19 October 2020

4 Easy Steps To Follow When Divorcing A Criminal

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Did your spouse get arrested, charged, and eventually convicted of a crime during your marriage? You might not have ever expected this to happen, but there are times when people live double lives that their partners are unaware of throughout the relationship. If the crime committed was severe enough to make you want to leave this person for good, you need to get the divorce procedure started. Divorcing someone who is in prison is entirely doable, but you will need to take steps to complete the process.

16 September 2020

Has Your Infant Just Been Diagnosed With a Condition Caused at Birth? Call a Birth Injury Attorney Today

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It can be difficult to see if malpractice during birth has caused problems for your infant until they start missing milestones, or to even know if there was malpractice. If your pediatrician has diagnosed your infant with a disability of some sort, and it is likely this was caused by medical negligence at birth, you want to find a lawyer. A lawyer needs to quickly assess the situation to see if action should be taken.

14 August 2020

Workers' Comp For Respiratory Injuries: Issues That Can Challenge Your Claim

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From paint fumes to toxic chemicals released during processing, there are so many things that can injure the delicate respiratory system of the human body. Unfortunately, some people who work in specific industries face these risks on an almost daily basis. It is not at all uncommon for an American worker to sustain injuries or damage to their respiratory system due to exposure to some kind of damaging agent in the workplace.

16 July 2020

When Do You Need A Construction Lawyer?

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If you own a construction company, are a contractor, or are having something built for you, it's possible you may want to hire a construction lawyer to go over contracts or to help in the event something goes wrong on-site or if the client doesn't pay for work you have provided. A construction lawyer is there for any legal issue that could arise, and it is often better to contact a lawyer before taking any party to court.

17 June 2020

Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Lawsuit

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If you're caught up in some sort of personal injury legal matter, you will be glad that you took the time to hire an attorney. They'll be the cornerstone of the case that you build, and a necessary part of your healing. Whether you get whiplash in a car accident or were the subject of a botched surgery, it is important that you touch base with a few different legal professionals that can assist you.

14 May 2020

Helpful Features To Look For In An Attorney Case File Jacket

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If you're an attorney and have sensitive documents to keep organized, then it's a good idea to invest in a file jacket. It gives you a secure place to store documents that you'll need for various clients. Buying a file jacket can be a smooth experience too if you actively look for these features.  Expandable Design Some clients you serve will have a lot of personal and legal information to keep up with.

3 April 2020