Keys To Running A Compliant Nonprofit Organization

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Nonprofit organizations are typically focused on improving some sort of social effort, as opposed to simply making money. These organizations have to do certain things to remain compliant though. Here are a couple of key steps to take if you're looking to reach and maintain nonprofit compliance. Hire a CPA to Manage Financial Documents Your non-profit will have a lot of financial documents to deal with. So that you remain organized and effective when managing these documents, it helps to bring in a professional CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

11 November 2021

What Affects Alimony Payments In A Divorce?

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Alimony is the money paid by one spouse to another after divorce. There are many factors that affect how much alimony someone may have to pay, but the main purpose of alimony is to protect both spouses financially after a divorce. Here's how a court will calculate it. What is Alimony? Alimony is also called spousal support. It's money that one spouse pays to another after a divorce. These payments may be either permanent or temporary, based on the situation.

4 October 2021

What You Should Know About Working With Car Accident Attorneys

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Car accident attorneys are professionals whose work is dire and in demand since car accidents with injuries happen on a daily basis. It's your obligation to handle yourself with care following a wreck, in addition to hiring the best car accident lawyer available. These pros will handle everything from property damage and medical bills to emotional suffering and punitive damages. In this article, you will learn what is required to build the perfect car accident lawsuit case.

30 August 2021

Vital Factors To Helping You Choose The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you are hurt in an accident, you want to pursue your legal rights to the fullest. You probably know that you need a legal representative by your side to advocate and act for you. Before you take any action, you may decide to retain an attorney to file your case and pursue compensation that you are legally entitled to in your state. You can find the best personal injury lawyer to represent you by knowing what factors to look for in the vetting process.

26 July 2021

When Accident Injuries Linger

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Getting over a car accident can be a long process. If you have serious injuries, you might be looking at an even longer recovery period. Certain types of accident situations call for additional care when seeking monetary damages. Read on and find out how you can avoid losing out on some important forms of accident damage when injuries linger. What Are Future Medical Needs? When an accident victim is not expected to heal completely once an accident settlement is reached, future medical needs are an important issue.

15 June 2021

What Will A Child Custody Attorney Do For You?

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Some may think that they don't need a child custody attorney to get through their case, but an attorney can help in more ways than you think. What Is a Child Custody Attorney? A child custody attorney is an attorney who practices family law. They are familiar with family law and focus on child custody cases. Child custody cases will most likely occur after or during a divorce. A child custody attorney will be contacted and hired if the parents of the child are having difficulties agreeing on custody terms.

20 May 2021

Securing Your Dependents' Future Through Estate Planning

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Should you die unexpectedly or become incapacitated, you want to know that all your wealth and assets will be well managed. You can hire estate planning services to identify your assets and legally designate who gets what share. Estate planning is important because it reduces the likelihood of mismanagement or succession disputes should you die prematurely. You will take several steps with the assistance of a qualified estate law attorney and financial planner should you want to begin this process.

14 April 2021

Noncompliance With OSHA Regulations As A Factor In Scaffold Accidents

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Noncompliance with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is connected with large numbers of construction accidents every year. For example, thousands are injured while on scaffolds. Construction workers who are not employed by a company but instead do jobs on contract do not qualify for workers' compensation benefits. Often, seriously injured individuals must hire a construction accident attorney to obtain the compensation they deserve. Relevant Statistics

16 March 2021

What To Know About Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney

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Were you injured through no fault of your own and need to file a personal injury lawsuit to be compensated? If so, it will help to have an injury attorney on your side to maximize your compensation. Here is what you need to know about finding a personal injury attorney.  Find A Board-Certified Attorney There are likely going to be a lot of attorneys out there, leaving you wondering where you should start in terms of finding an attorney.

16 February 2021

3 Landmark Supreme Court Decisions That Significantly Affected Criminal Law

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Many Supreme Court decisions have dramatically affected criminal law, often forcing prosecutors to overcome additional obstacles to prosecute a defendant or avoid a case being reversed on appeal. There are three landmark cases that have offered some level of protection to defendants. Strickland v. Washington The Strickland test was based on the ruling in Strickland v. Washington, which is a two-pronged test to determine ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) claims during appeals.

15 January 2021