5 Things To Bring When Registering Your Car

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Registering your car is easy and shouldn't take a lot of time, but it can become more time consuming if you don't have all of the documents that you need. Make sure that you bring these five things when you go, and you should be able to have the process taken care of quickly and easily.

1. Identification

You will need to be able to prove who you are when you go to register your car. Therefore, it's important to bring along your driver's license; otherwise, you will probably get turned away at the window. If you don't have your driver's license, you can bring along any government ID or passport to most car registration offices as proof of your identity.

2. Proof of Insurance

Before you can register your car, you have to be able to prove that it is insured. Contact your insurance company, add your new vehicle to your policy and ask for proof of insurance. You will need your policy number and other policy-related information when you go to register your car.

3. Permit of Ownership

You can't register your car if you can't prove that it is yours, so you will need to bring a permit that shows ownership. You should be able to get one of these from the person or dealership that sells you your car. The permit should have your vehicle identification number, make and model of your vehicle and your personal information.

4. License Plate Information

You won't need to get a new license plate for your vehicle. Instead, bring the license plate number for the license plate that was previously assigned to the vehicle. Then, you can have it linked to your new car registration when you go to the car registration office.

5. Sticker from Your License Plate

You don't have to physically bring your entire license plate into the car registration office, but you will need the smaller part of the validation sticker on your license plate.

Many people dread going to car registration offices because they fear that it will take a long time for them to register the cars that they purchase. Fortunately, this isn't the case at a place like The Registry Depot. As long as you bring along all of the proper documentation when you go the first time around, you should be able to have everything handled quite quickly. Then, you can focus on enjoying your new vehicle rather than worrying about registering it.


2 January 2015