In Divorce, What Happens To Assets You Brought Into The Marriage?

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Many people don't give much thought to the state of their premarital property until the possibility of divorce starts looming over their heads. In the ideal case, property that any spouse had before the marriage should still belong to them after the divorce. The other party will have no claim on these properties. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and it's because of these exceptions that many people find themselves losing property that they had for years before getting married.

3 March 2018

Crash! BANG! Ouch! Why You Should Get Worker's Comp After A Work Accident

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When you drive a truck (any sort of truck) for work, you expect that there may be a work accident along the way. You hope there never is, and you strive to be safe, but that does not stop other drivers on the road from hitting you. When you finally are in an accident with your work vehicle, you are entitled to worker's compensation. Here is why. It IS a Work-Related Injury

1 February 2018