Important Information To Know About Settling Your ICBC Claim

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If you have been injured for any reason and it hinders your ability to work, then filing a claim with the ICBC can help to ensure that you receive compensation and your family is not put at financial risk. If this has happened to you, then it is important to know some of these basic facts about settling your ICBC claim:

It's a Big Decision: Settling an ICBC claim should not be something that you take lightly or just want to get over with. This is something that you need to spend some time thinking about before you accept any offer from the ICBC. Of course, the answers as to whether or not you are ready to settle are based around the facts of your particular situation.

Don't Settle Until You are Recovered: It is important to note that you do not want to settle before you are fully recovered from your injury or at least in better condition to begin working again. Also, do not rely on your doctor's opinion about your recovery time since if you are not recovered by then, you will have settled for less than what you deserve. Of course, this is the best advice if you are representing yourself in the situation. However, if you have the help from an ICBC lawyer, then it is best to take their advice on when to settle since your lawyer may have you wait even longer after you have recovered. 

Be Sure to Consult with a Lawyer: Even if you are representing yourself in the case, you will still want to be sure that you consult with a lawyer before you decide to settle. Lawyers offer free consultations in which they can provide you with some legal advice based on the information that you have given them about your case. This will ensure that you have more information to help you with your decision on when to settle with your ICBC claim.

When it comes to settling an ICBC claim, it is important that you fully go over the details before you decide to settle. This will ensure that all costs and expenses towards your injury are covered, which is especially important if you have been out of work during your recovery time and need to be sure that your family has some type of income to make up for the loss of your own. So be sure to consult with a lawyer like Yearwood & Company in order to make the best and most informed decision.


8 January 2015