How A Child Custody Lawyer Can Help You

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Have you recently separated from the mother or father of your children? Maybe you have been separated for a while but feel the need to revisit the current custody agreement. Either way, you are not going to want to tackle this on your own. By making sure that you have a child custody lawyer on your side, you will be able to benefit greatly. If you are still on the fence about whether you should hire a lawyer to help you, you might want to check out the following ways a skilled lawyer can help you get the outcome you want.

Handles All Communication

Sometimes, talking one-on-one with your ex is not something that is easy to do. While direct co-parenting might be the ultimate goal, if you do not feel that you are in the position to do that just yet, you need someone to be the go-between. Your child custody lawyer will communicate directly with the other parent, or with his or her attorney if one has been retained. This will not only relieve a lot of stress off of your shoulders, but will help to make sure that your intentions are made clear without any confusion.

Files All Proper Documentation

Once an agreement on custody and visitation is reached, it is important to make sure that the proper documents are filed with the court. If those papers are not filed correctly, or even filed on time, you might find that your agreement does not stand. While you might technically be able to file all of your own paperwork, it might be difficult for you to make sure that it is done with the correct offices and in the correct manner.

Helps To Make Sure The Agreement Is Enforced

While your child custody lawyer is not able to go directly to the home of the other parent, he or she can take steps to make sure that the agreement is kept in force. For example, if the other parent is starting to return the children several hours late each time without even a phone call out of kindness, you might need to take action. Your lawyer can address this issue with the other lawyer and that usually will put a stop to the behavior. However, if that does not happen, your lawyer will be ready to file papers with the courts so that this matter can be taken before the judge to be sorted out. 

As you can see, there are many great benefits that will come from making sure that you have a lawyer like Jagtoo and Jagtoo Barristers and Solicitors on your side.


20 January 2015