3 Types Of Compensation That You Might Qualify For After A Workplace Injury

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Being injured on the job can be a horrible thing, since it can leave you with temporary or permanent injuries and can affect your ability to work and pay your bills. However, you should know that there are various types of compensation available out there for those who get injured on the job. Even though compensation might not fully make up for the injury, it can at least help you cover your medical bills, household bills and other expenses.

Every situation is different, but these are three types of compensation that you might qualify for after a workplace injury. To find out what you might qualify for and how to proceed, you'll want to contact an attorney who handles personal injury and workers compensation cases to talk about your situation.

1. Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is the type of insurance that your employer should carry to cover workplace injuries. Workers compensation can cover things like doctor's visits and other medical costs, as well as compensation for lost wages. For many workplace injuries, this is where you will start in looking for compensation. In fact, your employer should help you with the claim, but if you feel that your employer or the workers compensation insurance company are not handling the case properly, you may want to work with an attorney.

2. Personal Injury Lawsuit

Although not all workplace injuries qualify for personal injury lawsuits -- for example, a simple accident that was really no fault of anyone's would be considered a workers compensation matter -- some do. For example, if your employer's negligence helped contribute to the accident, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. You may also be able to file one of these lawsuits if the equipment that you were using when you got injured defective, although this type of lawsuit would generally be targeted at the manufacturer of the defective equipment. Personal injury cases can be complicated, but an attorney can help talk to you about your individual situation to determine if this is a direction that you should go in. Contact a law firm like Walz Law Office to learn more about personal injury cases. 

3. Disability Payments

If you are temporarily or even permanently disabled because of your accident, you may qualify for disability payments through the Social Security Administration. Filing for disability can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but you may be eligible for short-term or long-term monthly payments to help you cover your expenses.

As you can see, there are a few types of compensation that you can qualify for after a workplace injury. If you talk to an attorney, he or she can help you get started with your case to help ensure that your are properly compensated after your workplace accident.


19 June 2016