3 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Meeting for the first time with your lawyer can be a bit nerve-wracking. If you've suffered an injury that demands medical attention and causes you to lose time from work, this can create some financial losses. It's in your best interest to file a lawsuit against the individual that is responsible for your injuries. By knowing specific questions to ask your attorney beforehand, this can be extremely helpful to you and your case.

Question #1:  What are the strengths of the case?

Before going to all the expense and effort that's required when it comes to taking out legal action on another person, you will want to ensure you have a strong case. This is something your attorney can identify by looking at the details that occurred.

Be prepared to provide your lawyer with the information listed below:

  1. Date and time – You'll need to know the exact date and time you were injured by this person.
  2. The cause of the injury – Were you involved in a car wreck, were you physically abused, or was there another way you were harmed by another person?
  3. Witnesses – Having other people that may have seen this occur could help you build a much stronger case.

Question #2: What amount of compensation should be requested?

Your attorney will be the best expert to help you determine the amount of repayment you should receive for your injury. This individual has worked with many cases and is better aware of the amount of money you're likely to get.

Be sure to bring documents that prove all your losses, and these may range from medical receipts to a report from your employer officially stating the amount of wages you've lost.

Question #3: What are the stages of civil litigation?

Being able to know as much as possible once you file a lawsuit can be helpful. This can be an emotional time and having some details about the different stages can allow you to be ready for these.

The benefits of pursuing legal action against a person that has harmed you include having a better chance of recovering your losses. There are sure to be many losses, so working to improve your financial status during this time is ideal. Be sure to work with a personal injury attorney in your area today to assist you in getting through the various legal stages and starting this process quickly.


9 September 2016