Helpful Information About Opening A Liquor Store

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Liquor is the type of beverage that is always in a high demand. If you want to use the demand of liquor as a way to make money, you can consider opening your own liquor store. Just keep in mind that there are usually laws in place in regards to selling liquor, and the laws can vary from state to state. You must also be cautious about who the liquor is sold to, as accidentally selling it to a minor can lead to you losing your license and possible time in jail. Below, you will find a few tips that will be useful if you decide to venture into opening a liquor store.

1. Apply for Your Liquor License

The first step to legally selling liquor is to visit the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) agency in your area. An agent will ask you a few questions about your business so he or she can determine which type of liquor license you should apply for. The type of license will depend on the type of liquor being sold, whether or not customers will be allowed to drink on your premises, and a few other things. You will then be issued an application that must be filled out completely and returned. The ABC will then begin the process of issuing your liquor license if you are qualified for one.

2. Invest in an ID Scanning Tool

In order to reduce the risk of accidentally selling liquor to minors, it is wise to invest in an ID scanning tool. Such tools can usually be attached to mobile devices such a smartphones, and they work by way of using an app. There are many functions that you can take advantage of from an ID scanning tool. For example, when a customer hands you his or her ID card, all you have to do is swipe it through the tool and the correct age of the customer will be verified. The tool is also useful for quickly finding out if a stolen ID card is being used to purchase liquor.

3. Get Bars on Your Windows for Security

Once your liquor store is up and running, make sure it is secure because there is a high risk of criminals trying to break inside to steal from you. You should consider getting bars installed on the windows to make entering through windows difficult for burglars. If the doors to your building are made of glass as well, get bars installed on them.

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16 May 2017