Being Wrongfully Denied Workers Compensation Benefits

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Workers compensation benefits are handy when you have to take time off from work for an injury to heal. However, obtaining the benefits isn't always an easy task to accomplish, such as when your employer has a personal vendetta against you. If you are having a difficult time getting workers compensation benefits, you don't have to accept your employer denying you of them. There are laws in place that you can use to obtain the benefits while you are healing. Take a look at this article to find out how you can handle an employer who has denied your rights to workers compensation benefits.

Tell a Lawyer About You Being Denied Benefits

If your employer is not being cooperative, you should speak to a lawyer, like Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC, to discuss workers compensation benefits being denied. Tell the lawyer that you believe your employer has a personal vendetta against you. The lawyer will ask you several questions in regards to why you believe your employer has the personal vendetta. It is important for you to be truthful with your answers, as your lawyer will only ask them to build your case and make sure your claim will stand strong in court if it is necessary. He or she will also need to know the official reason why your employer denied the benefits.

Don't Allow Your Employer to Bully You into Quitting

If your employer is treating you unfairly, don't allow the situation to push you into quitting your job, as you won't be eligible for workers compensation benefits if so. For instance, if he or she won't give you any time off to heal, simply ask if you can work a less complicated position if you are able to with your medical condition. Your lawyer can then speak to your employer and explain why you need the time off. The lawyer can also provide the evidence that your employer needs to give you the time off. For instance, he or she can get a copy of your medical records, as well as get other pieces of evidence to prove that you need time off.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if it Becomes Necessary

Your lawyer will file the documents to suggest that your workers compensation benefits denial is reconsidered. If the request is denied, you can file a lawsuit against your employer. A lawyer can gather the evidence that you need to prove that you were injured at work, and that your employer has a personal vendetta against you. You will likely be rewarded money for your medical bills, pain and suffering, a loss of income if you get fired, and several other things that are based on the overall outcome of the situation.


7 June 2017