Three Steps After Injury From A Defective Product

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Defective products are found fairly often, but their use doesn't always result in injury, at least not severe injury. If, however, you are injured from a defective product, you definitely want to take the right steps to gain compensation for your injuries. Here are three steps you should take immediately after you have suffered from injuries:

Get Medical Attention 

First off, you want to get medical attention right away. This is because if you do not, it can be difficult to prove that your injuries were the direct result of the defective product. You want to take photos of your injury as soon as it has happened if you can so that you can relate it to the medical documents you receive after treatment. Be sure that you save all medical documents including bills so that you can be properly compensated. 

Keep the Defective Product

If you are able to, you are going to want to keep the defective product so that you can show what went wrong and how the injury occurred exactly. In some cases, you aren't able to keep the defective product because it is toxic or it may have been too badly damaged. In these situations, be sure to take plenty of pictures of the defective product for evidence. You should also take pictures of how you were using the product, as well. 

Visit a Personal Injury Attorney

Finally, you want to be sure that you visit a personal injury attorney like the Erickson Law Office to discuss your injury from the defective product. You should do this before you sign anything from the company who sells the product, which can only lead to you no longer having a case because you never know what the wording in the documents could state that could trap you into not being able to sue for your injuries. Your attorney will be sure that the situation is handled in a way that you are going to receive fair compensation. Many times, the company will try to offer you a settlement amount so that you do not take legal action. The problem with this is that your injury treatment could be prolonged meaning that you are going to have further medical bills you want to be compensated for. 

When you take these three steps, you can effectively receive fair compensation for the injuries you have endured from a defective product so that you can pay all your medical bills.   


16 June 2017