Three Tips For Working To Settle Your Case With The Defendant

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One of the more challenging times in life may be if you're involved in a lawsuit. This can wreak havoc on your emotions and cause you lots of anxiety. Not knowing how your case may turn out is unsettling, and this could turn into a tumultuous time for you.

However, it's possible to reduce your mental discomfort during this stage and work to get your case settled at mediation. This is the time you will meet with the defendant and try to agree on a certain amount to end the case. Here are some tips that may be of great assistance in allowing you to do so.

Tip #1:  Choose the right mediator

One way to end the dispute much sooner rather than later will rest in finding a qualified mediator to help you. This person should have the necessary amount of expertise and the proper negotiating skills. The key to getting the results you want and need may rest in finding the perfect mediator that can help make this happen.

Tip #2: Be prepared

Working closely with your attorney may be your best defense in getting your case settled at mediation. Taking time to ask the right questions is essential in getting the results you want and being prepared for this process.

Listed below are things you may want to discuss with your attorney:

1.    How long does mediation typically last?

2.    Will the case end immediately if mediation is successful?

3.    Is it possible to bring a friend or a family member with you for support?

4.    What do you think is the appropriate amount of money to ask for settling the case?

Tip #3: Know the least amount you'll take

Of course, the entire purpose of mediation is for both parties to agree on a settlement amount. This means you may need to budge a bit if you want to avoid going to court.

Have a specific number in mind that is the very least you will accept to end the case. This should be extremely helpful in working to end the dispute sooner rather than later.

The benefits of getting your case settled at mediation include paying less for your legal fees and having the peace of mind you need. Be sure to work closely with a personal injury attorney to advise you during this time and to hopefully get your case settled outside of the court room.

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24 June 2017