3 DUI Defense Tips

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Getting a DUI penalty can truly hamper you, both in terms of your driving record and your everyday life. You will need to do all you can to get proper representation if you get pulled over for a drinking and driving offense. No matter the terms of your case, make sure that you consider the following information and start consulting with some DUI attorneys that can help you out:

Start talking to some DUI attorneys

After getting charged with drinking and driving, it is important to start speaking to as many lawyers as you can to make a decision on who will represent you. Avoid hiring lawyers that clutter your mailbox as soon as the system gets word that you were charged with this offense. You need a lawyer that is skilled and strategic, rather than simply shortsighted and opportunistic. Sit down with these attorneys in person and make sure to bring a copy of your arrest report, so the lawyer can go through all the details. Look into their fee structure as well, to make sure the attorney is affordable to you. The rates for taking a DUI to court with the help of an attorney can cost between $2500 and $25,000.

Decide on whether a plea bargain is necessary

Whenever you are looking to move past a DUI, keep in mind that many states accept plea bargains. Taking a plea bargain means that the case will not go to court, but you will instead accept a lesser penalty. Be sure to leave this sort of negotiation to your lawyer to get the best possible result. Don't answer any questions without your representation present and make sure to go over all of the pros and cons of accepting a plea bargain, as opposed to having the case go to trial.

Be aware of the circumstances

Even though you are hiring a DUI attorney to represent you, it is fully up to you to know the details of your case. For example, you should know the BAC readout and what kind of penalties you might be subject to. DUI penalties differ by state, so you need to learn what kind of penalty is possible with your case. In California, the courts issue a 48-hour jail sentence on your first infraction.

If you use these tips, it will be worth your while and you can bring in a lawyer to represent you.


10 July 2017