Mom Recently Sustain A Fall-Related Injury? 3 Steps To Getting Her Medical Costs Covered

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Recovering from a personal injury is never easy. Yet, your elderly mother may face additional challenges after her slip and fall injury such as slower healing because of her age. While you can't turn back the clock and double check her walking path, you can make sure that the responsible party does what is right by using these strategies to prepare for working with her slip and fall lawyer.

Get The Facts

The first thing you will need to do is find out what happened. Depending upon the injury she sustained, your mother may not have a full recollection of the details of the event. For instance, she may not remember hitting her head after slipping on a business's icy sidewalk. For this reason, her slip and fall attorney may request video footage from the location or speak with people who witnessed the event. You can do your part by talking with your mom to see what details she can recall.

Gather Any Necessary Documentation

In addition to finding out the circumstances that led to the accident, you will need to seek medical documentation of your mother's injuries. Ideally, she should be seen immediately after the accident, but it is also common for injuries or pain to arise in the following days. Take your mom for an initial exam, and prepare to visit the doctor again if new symptoms arise. Then, get written documentation of the doctor's findings so that you can give it to her attorney.

Provide Support Throughout the Process

Trying to recover from an injury while also working through the legal process is stressful. Help alleviate the stress from your mom by offering transportation to and from her legal appointments. You can also help her talk to her lawyer if she struggles with speech issues or memory loss. At home, you can create a file system for her paperwork and assist your mom with handling things such as emails with her attorney. Letting your mom know that she has your support allows her to focus more on just getting better.

Sadly, slip and fall accidents happen every day, and these are often caused by someone else's negligence. Since many seniors already face mobility challenges such as arthritis, these types of events can be especially detrimental to their overall wellbeing. By knowing how to work alongside your mom's legal representation, you can ensure that she has the resources she needs for the best possible recovery. Check out sites like for more legal guidance.


17 July 2017