Four Things To Do Before Asking For A Divorce

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Are you thinking about asking your spouse for a divorce? If so, there are quite a few things you should do beforehand to be better prepared for the process. This can make it a bit easier on yourself, as well as your spouse since, with proper preparations, you are more likely to avoid a prolonged divorce case. Here are four things you should do before asking for a divorce:

  1. Consider Fixing it First: If you haven't carefully considered divorce, but instead jump into the process, you are probably going to face an extremely difficult time going through the process. You don't want to go through the process while also attempting to repair the relationship. This is not only going to cost you a lot of money, but it will also lead to more stress and turmoil in the relationship. Instead, talk to your spouse about counseling to help possibly repair the marriage. Give this process a chance to work before you come to the conclusion that divorce is the only answer. 
  2. Find Your Support System: During the process, you are going to need a support system in place even if this is just your attorney. This also includes thinking about your living situation. If you are going to be the one moving out, you might consider going to friends or family who have the space for you for a temporary amount of time. If you are staying, then you might consider having your parent or someone else you are close to stay with you during this time to help with the kids, which is vital if children are involved. 
  3. Protect Your Finances: Be sure that you are going to be prepared to be financially independent after and during the divorce by opening your own bank account and protecting your credit. This means limiting the access to your own credit cards to your spouse. The better protected you are, then the more likely you are going to come out strong financially after the divorce process when everything is divided. 
  4. Plan How You Will Tell Your Spouse: Chances are, if you are having trouble in your marriage, your spouse is probably going to see it coming. However, the way that you go about telling your spouse when you file for divorce is going to be different depending on your specific situation. For example, if your spouse tends to be violent, then the best way is to let them be served with the paperwork while you are at a safe distance away from them either at a friend or family member's house. However, if the relationship is civil, then you can probably sit down with them and discuss it, which is definitely the best way to handle it. 

If you need further help preparing for a divorce, you can meet with a family law attorney for a free consultation. This should help you plan for any unforeseen thing you may have forgotten about. 


18 September 2017