Accidental Electric Burns: What You Need To Know And Do Next

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Electric burns are some of the most painful injuries you could ever face. Not only do these burns hurt as badly as burns with regular fire, but they also hurt much more because of the fact that the nerves are affected and/or destroyed. If you do not know much about the human nervous system, it relies on bioelectric impulses to carry messages to the brain. When the nerves are shocked by electricity, their messaging relays are interrupted and the burned nerves can only echo their pain. This could happen to you at any time, but when it does, note the details of the incident, and then call a personal injury lawyer.

Where Did the Electrical Burn Happen?

This is really important. You need to state where the accident happened. If it happened at work, your lawyer is ready to tell you that you need file with worker's comp via your HR office. If your claim is denied, then you can return to the lawyer to pursue compensation.

If the accident happened in the community, you need to sue the business or the owner of the property on which the accident occurred. In this case, you do not have to pursue an alternate case before filing a lawsuit. Your lawyer will explain to you the differences of filing various types of personal injury and accident lawsuits based on what happened to you and where the accident took place. 

What Part of You Was Burned?

Electrical burns destroy enough tissue and nerves that you may never have any feeling in that area of your body again. Burning the hand you use to write with, brush your teeth with, comb/brush your hair with, or feed yourself with is a very big problem as you will have to relearn all of these things using the opposite hand or using the burned hand after weeks of physical therapy. Electrical burns to various other parts of the body produce similar problems. You can sue for compensation for all therapies and treatments that will help you regain the use of the burned body parts.

Why Did It Happen?

There are personal injuries as the result of criminal negligence. There are personal injuries as the result of freak accidents. If you and your lawyer can find out the "why" of the incident, it could really change how much compensation you may receive for your injuries, and whether or not you will continue to receive annual amounts of compensation going forward.


5 December 2017