4 Reasons To File An At-Fault Divorce

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If you're having issues with your spouse and have a legal basis for ending the marriage, you may want to file for an at-fault divorce. This could be the best way to get the fastest results possible with the most ease during this time. Of course, it's necessary to have a legitimate reason for doing so and knowing what some of these are can be helpful.

Reason #1: Infidelity 

One of the causes of a marriage ending is due to one of the spouses being unfaithful. Having sexual intercourse with another individual outside of this legal union is infidelity.

It's ideal to have to have some type of proof of this if at all possible to enable you to build the most robust possible case.

Reason #2: Imprisonment

If your spouse has been charged with criminal activity and must spend time in prison, this can make being married difficult. However, you'll have all the documents you'll need to prove this by directly contacting the court system within your area.

Reason #3: Abandonment

Being left to fend for yourself for a long time can turn any marriage into a bad one and fast. If you're in this situation and living alone, it may be ideal to file for an at-fault divorce.

The last thing you may want to ever do is spend the rest of your life in this situation and taking the appropriate action to get out of it is essential.

Reason #4: Abuse

Dealing with physical abuse can be one of the worst things for any person to have live with at any time during the union. This can be a dangerous situation and one you'll want to quickly get out of for your safety and peace of mind.

It's possible to choose an at-fault divorce if you've suffered from this type of abuse and one way to prove this situation is by taking pictures of your injuries. Having several of these could be extremely helpful when it comes to ending your marriage.

Getting past this challenging time in life may be foremost on your mind and can enable you to move in a more positive direction. Being able to choose an at-fault divorce could be your best option and will allow you to have less stress during this process. Be sure to work with a divorce attorney in your area to assist you with this legal process today!


6 June 2018