Personal Injury Compensation: Simpler Than You Think

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When a car accident has you injured and unsure of which way to turn, a simple solution to your problems is at hand. There is no need to take care of your accident claim yourself – consult with a personal injury attorney and experience the first signs of relief since before your accident. Once you meet with an attorney, you might be astounded to discover that you can be paid a financial settlement without even having to take legal action against the at-fault driver. To find out how, read on.

Taking the Middle Ground Option

If you are like most people, you have no need to take advantage of the situation caused by a car accident. The main thing on the mind of most accident victims is to have their accident expenses covered and to move on with their lives. That motivation can cause some victims to accept what the insurance company is offering just to have it all over with. They just assume that their choices are either to take what is offered or to go through the hassle of filing a lawsuit. Fortunately, there is a middle ground choice that might be just right for you.

Letting an Attorney Evaluate Your Case

The process is easy. Make an appointment with a recommended personal injury attorney and arrive armed with everything you have concerning the accident, your injuries, and the medical treatment. The attorney is experienced enough and savvy enough to value your case and advise you on how much you are owed for your money damages. Money damages is another way of saying what the accident has cost you in dollars and cents. You have nothing to lose by listening to this advice, and you will know how to proceed once you do so.

Making Known Your Needs

You cannot expect to be paid for your accident-related expenses unless you let the insurance company for the at-fault driver know about them. Most insurance policies will just naturally pay out the very least they can unless you let them know that you deserve more. To do so, your attorney will draft a letter that is known as the letter of demand or demand letter. This letter serves to explain your expenses, why you are not at fault, and to let them know that you have evidence to prove both expenses and that their client is at fault for the wreck. The key part of the letter is the dollar figure you will accept to drop the case.

Does the insurance company have to comply with your requests? There is no legal way to force them to pay your demands at this point in the process. Many times, however, the claims adjuster will determine that they would end up having to pay at least the amount you are requesting should the case come to trial. At the very least, the demand letter opens the door to negotiations which might result in being offered a sum that is more than you would have received before you met with your attorney. Contact a firm, like St Martin & Bourque LLC,  to learn more.


13 January 2019