Why You Should Mediate Your Divorce Instead Of Going To Court

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Going through a divorce is always tough, but if both you and your spouse are interested in keeping the drama to a minimum, there may be another option instead of an ugly fight in court. It may be possible to find a divorce mediator who can mediate divorce and present final terms that you, your spouse, and the divorce court will all find fair to all parties. Here are some of the reasons why you might choose to mediate your divorce instead of taking the proceedings into a courtroom.

With Mediation, the Couple Retains Full Control of the Situation

Mediation is a process of give and take, with both sides negotiating until a resolution is found. But the key here is that the final result will be agreed to by both parties. It doesn't leave the final result in the hands of a judge, who might come up with a resolution that doesn't leave either side completely happy. Mediation can help ensure that both sides leave the table happy with at least some aspect of the settlement. It's true that you could get a good deal if you have a judge resolve it, but you are also taking a risk by removing the final resolution from your control.

Mediation Will Save Both You and Your Spouse Money

People going through divorce usually hate the process, both because of the amount of time it can take and the amount of money it can cost to pursue litigation. When you choose to mediate instead, you have a chance of resolving the situation in much less time and with less litigation. Being able to stay out of a long court battle could end up saving you and your spouse a lot of money in legal and court fees. This will allow both of you to finish the divorce in a stronger financial position so you can both move on with your lives.

It's Better for the Kids

Kids can complicate a divorce even further. The last thing you want is for your child to see or hear Mom and Dad getting at each other's throats. A mediation has the chance of getting your family through this difficult time without any harmful things being said in open court. You can focus on the positives of what you get out of the mediation and remove your disdain for your former partner from the equation. Mediation will also let you and your spouse agree to a policy regarding visitation or custody rights that suits both sides.

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8 January 2020