Helpful Features To Look For In An Attorney Case File Jacket

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If you're an attorney and have sensitive documents to keep organized, then it's a good idea to invest in a file jacket. It gives you a secure place to store documents that you'll need for various clients. Buying a file jacket can be a smooth experience too if you actively look for these features. 

Expandable Design

Some clients you serve will have a lot of personal and legal information to keep up with. Just an ordinary file jacket probably won't house everything that you need to keep on hand. In this case, look for a file jacket with an expandable design.

It starts out looking just like a regular folder, but then when you need additional space, you can pop out the sections for even more document room. You thus won't have to purchase a bunch of file jackets for your clients, helping you save some money.

Label Spaces

If you're purchasing a file jacket with multiple sections, it's important to know what each section is for. Otherwise, you could get your legal documents messed up, and this could be costly to a client's case that you're dealing with.

So that nothing bad ever happens to your documents, look for a file jacket with label spaces on each section. You'll then be able to print out your own custom labels and place them in these areas. In turn, you'll know exactly what each section of your file jacket is for and this improves your organization dramatically.

High-Quality Ink

File jackets are extremely helpful resources for attorneys because of the information that's printed on them. There are relevant client details that you need to know when going through case details. It's important that the ink used on these file jackets is high-quality so that you can always see this relevant information.

Assessing ink quality on these jackets isn't difficult. You just need to order from a supplier that has a positive reputation in this regard. Go through customer reviews to find a supplier that consistently puts high-quality ink on their file jackets. You'll then be able to order with complete confidence.

No matter what type of cases you deal with as an attorney, having file jackets ready and available is important. Buying them won't be difficult either. You just need to put an emphasis on key attributes and features so that the file jackets you order work great for your legal operations. 

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3 April 2020