When Do You Need A Construction Lawyer?

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If you own a construction company, are a contractor, or are having something built for you, it's possible you may want to hire a construction lawyer to go over contracts or to help in the event something goes wrong on-site or if the client doesn't pay for work you have provided. A construction lawyer is there for any legal issue that could arise, and it is often better to contact a lawyer before taking any party to court.

When do you need a construction lawyer? Aside from helping you go over contracts, a construction lawyer can help in any of these circumstances.

There Is More Than One Party Involved

If something has gone wrong with any part of the construction process, it's possible that either you or your client or even someone you contracted with might wish to take the matter to court. It's never a good idea to file a lawsuit against any party during a construction industry dispute without the benefit of a construction attorney. The case can become complicated and with so many people typically involved in a large construction project, it can be difficult to determine exactly who is at fault for the problem and who to sue.

This is also true if you are the party being sued. A lawsuit can come from multiple parties all under the same umbrella as with class action suits. A construction attorney can also help you determine if any suit has merit or if it could be thrown out of court.

When A Company Hasn't Been Paid

If your company has completed work for a client but now they haven't paid for the work completed, you can use a construction attorney to retrieve that payment. Unfortunately, it is a fairly common practice for certain clients to only pay for part of the work done and then claim something wasn't finished or for some other reason, they refuse to pay their bill.

A construction attorney can help you get the payment you deserve in several different ways. A lawyer can go through your options with you and help to determine your best course of action, and the one that will best get you compensation. If you need to take the matter to court and sue the client, a construction attorney can make this process easier.

There Is A Claim That The Work Is Defective

If a client claims that the work your company has completed was defective, they could try to sue you to retrieve any funds they have paid or to force you to redo the work. If you can prove that the work is in fact completely sound and not defective as they claim, you may need a construction attorney to represent you in court to show your findings and have the claim thrown out.

The same is true if you contracted a worker to complete work for your company and the work was faulty. You can also hire a construction attorney to have the work redone or to retrieve any payments you gave the contractor in good faith.

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17 June 2020